Koepi once again “Heart Beatz”

Koepi once again “Heart Beatz”

once again the second of April Mazzaj Rap Band will be playing live at Kopi Berlin

be there a new oriental rap project to be launched

Kopenickerstrasse 137





Cuddle with Vacancy Live En,Ar لأن تعانق الخواء من حفلة

Cuddle with Vacancy Presented by Abu Hajar From Mazzaj Rap Band Live in Berlin during the show “The Syrian Halloween”

attached to the video you can find the English Subtitles by just activating the youtube subtitles button

لأن تعانق الياسمين من أبو حجر من فرقة مزاج من حفلة برلين “الهالويين السوري

الفيديو مرفق بالكلمات العربية و الترجمة إلى الإنكليزي

Hans Otto Theater Show

Hans Otto Theater Show

hansNext Thursday, The 15th of October Abu Hajar will be performing live in Hans Otto Theater in Potsdam

Abu Hajar will host a special guests on that night: Controlled Burn From Los Angles-USA

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Flüchtlinge willkommen

Program: A Place to Live –

Refugees Welcome Long Night of Encounters Hans-Otto Theatre in Potsdam · 18:00 to 24:00 o’clock / 6:00 p.m. to midnight

Admission is free.

Currently, we are experiencing our society in an exceptional state: helpfulness and hate speech, euphoric volunteers and exhausted social workers, insecurity, courage and fear; all that happens at the same time and shows unrest and disunity. We also experience a time in which our feelings are becoming less important – yet first and foremost those of the people who come as refugees to us and who had to leave everything behind, who are innocent victims of war, torture, persecution and poverty. They need our help and solidarity. As a theater, we aim to send a signal for a tolerant, cosmopolitan society. Thus we want to celebrate the „Long Night of Encounters“, together with refugees, interested visitors, our actors and our staff. 18:00 – 20:00 o’clock / 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Encounters’ Market International buffet. Eating together. Getting to know each other. Making contacts. Establishing mentorships. Jointly making music. Translators are on site and offer their support. Also: Information stands and exhibitions of works by Khaled Al-Boushi (Syria / Germany), Husam Eddin Murhaf (Syria / Germany) Kathrin Ollroge (Potsdam). 20:00 – 22.30 o’clock / 8:00 to 10:30 p.m. Program on Stage

• Senegambigha. African Trance Percussion Group: Coming from West Africa, today living in Berlin, the six musicians spark a true firework of rhythm with their percussion performance

• You and Me / Me and You. Intercultural dance and theater piece – with children from Libya, Syria, Cameroon and Germany. Pedagogical Director: Hannah Liedke, Saskia Waurich; Artistic Director: Kathrin Thiele, Francisco Cuervo.

• Syrian music with Nabil Hilaneh (Arab lute / Oud) and Reham Maslmani (vocals): The Berlin-based Syrian composer and oud virtuoso Nabil Hilaneh, who was recently heard during the award ceremony of the Goethe Medal in Weimar. He plays original compositions and traditional Syrian songs, sung by Reham Maslmani.

• Syrian Rap with Abu Hajar: Abu Hajar comes from the Syrian city of Tartous. In 2005, he began performing as a rapper. In his texts he took a clear position against the corrupt political system in his country and professed aloud to freedom and dignity. He was then detained and tortured. Abu Hajar fled to Germany and now mostly lives in Berlin.

Also: songs and readings by our actors / videos / interviews with experts on the subject of flight and migration / Statements From 22.30 o’clock / From 10:30 p.m. onward: Dancing – Beats of the World. Movie screening.

Schiffbauergasse 11 / 14467 Potsdam