We Fed Up Live @ Nikolaisaal

بدكن حرية …إي وبدنا المعتقلين

بدنا الوطن الغالي يكون مثالي

وطن لكل السوريين

هيدي الغنية انعملت بالذكرى التانية للثورة السورية و إلي الشرف إنو غنيا  قدام كل هالجمهور ببوتسدام

do you want freedom? that is the first question the jailers ask you before they start torturing you saying that is the freedom that you deserve.

i responded in the second anniversary of the Syrian revolution yes and we want all our detainees and we want Syria to be a country for all its citizens.

and now performing this song in front of all those audience in Potsdam was such an honor


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